Abstract Submission Guidelines for a Workshop Presentation

  1. Submit as a Word document.
  2. Abstracts should be a minimum of 150 words and maximum 250 words.  Authors’ details, affiliation and titles are not included in the word count.
  3. Abstract must contain contact details of the presenting author, including an e-mail address. The presenting author should be underlined.
  4. The title must be no more than 15 words/90 characters. The title should summarize the abstract and contain the major key words. Do not include abbreviations or acronyms. CAPATILIZE entire title.
  5. All abbreviations should be defined when first used.
  6. Ensure that your abstract does not contain spelling, grammatical or scientific errors.
  7. Submission deadline is December 1st, 2019.
  8. Save your file using format: Author_Abstract Type_topic, e.g. Schull_poster_DownUnderSymposium.doc.x
  9. Submit abstracts to [email protected], the Subject containing the word Abstract and the name of first author.

Abstract for Workshop


Schull, D., Mills, P.C., Shapter, F., Hearndon, A., McEwen,
M., Boe-Hansen, G. Wright, J. The University of Queensland.

E-mail [email protected]

The organising committee is keen to receive abstracts
in this format to ensure consistency and get a strong Vet Ed message across.  We would love you to visit sunny Queensland
and share your initiatives and great ideas with others.  We also hope you will make some great
collaborators and friends.

Feel free to tell us
what is used and emerging at your University, School or you use specifically in
your own course. You can present this as an interactive poster or workshop
at the VetEd Down Under symposium in February 2020.  Just follow the guidelines for abstract
format using the template provided; and highlight if it is for an abstract or a
workshop at your submission.  Make sure
to submit your abstract before the deadline and also submit your registration
for this exciting event.  We are looking
forward to seeing you and hearing about your efforts, research and experiences.
Sharing Practice Growing Together at The University of Queensland Gatton Campus
in February 2020!

(163 words)

Requirements; A space where each attendee is able to sit
comfortable with their BYO electronic devices, a projector where I can hook up
my computer, a whiteboard, with two different colour pens.

Time; 1.5 hour

Max number of attendees; 20